Bin man gets revenge after car parks in rubbish collection area


And you think you’ve had a bad day

Somebody urgently needs to check that this bin man is ok.

He was so consumed with rage when he spotted a car parked in the wrong place that he decided to pull off the ultimate passive aggressive stunt.

It involved moving 40 bins around the car so that it was completely blocked in by the sea of rubbish.

Forty. Forty bins.

We get that it must have been annoying, but there must be some underlying issues going on here.


There’s a car in there somewhere


Hopefully the driver wasn’t in a hurry

The incident happened in China’s Anhui province, where an onlooker decided to film the whole thing rather than attempt to calm the man down.

Sped up footage shows the bin man walking a fair distance as he moves the bins around to ensure the car is completely blocked in.

Which, again, isn’t exactly normal behaviour.

Reports suggest the vehicle was parked in the rubbish collection area, and the man had tried to get in touch with the driver.

But rather than leave a note, take an early lunch or patiently wait, he did the next best thing.

It’s unclear what happened when the driver returned, but we’re assuming the situation was dealt with sensibly and maturely.


Source: Bin man gets revenge after car parks in rubbish collection area


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