Squirrel with Bone Necklace Turns Heads in Massachusetts


You’ve gotta love a squirrel who takes fashion risks.

A curious-looking critter caught the eye of a homeowner in Hanover, Massachusetts, this week when it was spotted wearing a portion of a bone as a “necklace” of sorts.

“It would frequent their yard and eat on their porch,” according to a statement from Brian O’Connor with the Animal Rescue League of Boston. “They called us for assistance and we were able to set a humane trap and catch it pretty quickly.”

The “necklace” was a round bone, a chew toy that likely belonged to a very disappointed pup. “We took [the squirrel] to a veterinarian in Dedham who was able to remove the round bone from the squirrels neck by cutting it,” O’Connor said.

Thankfully, the fashion faux pas ended well and the squirrel has been returned to its neighborhood. To help the Animal Rescue League continue to help animals like this one, donate here.

Source: Squirrel with Bone Necklace Turns Heads in Massachusetts


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