‘Tis the Season to Get Your Car Licked by a Moose in Canada


If you’re traveling in Canada’s Alberta Parks and a moose happens to come up to your car and start licking it, don’t panic. Don’t make it weird. They hate that.

At least two moose in the Chester Lake and Burstall Pass parking lots in Kananaskis County have been approaching cars and bathing them in sweet, sweet moose spit.  Rangers have been forced to issue a warning about the massive ungulates, telling people the best thing to do if a moose starts licking your SUV is just to stay in the car and honk your horn or activate your car alarm to try and drive them away.

Do not, under any circumstances, get out of your car and try to engage with the moose. They also hate that, and more importantly, they’re very large animals and interacting with them can be harmful to … you.

“All animals have a natural need for salt because it is an important component in their blood,” Dr. Doug Whiteside at the Calgary Zoo told Global News. And when they can’t find it anywhere else, they’ll find it where we’ve conveniently spread it for them: The road, and by the transitive property of salt, our cars.

“There is no end date for the warning,” Global News adds, ominously.

Source: ‘Tis the Season to Get Your Car Licked by a Moose in Canada


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